Landscape Maintenance

Do you want a maintained landscape all year? Give us a call and ask us about our annual contracts!  Below is a list of what we can provide for your landscape!

  •  Pruning 
  •  Weeding or Weed Removal
  •  Mulching: beauty bark or wood chips
  •  Plant Removal and Plant Transplanting
  •  Fall Clean-up
  •  Irrigation Repair
  •  Lawn and Grounds Repair
  •  Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  •  Pressure Washing
  •  Gutter Cleaning
Landscape Maintenance Lawn Care and Landscaping


If you apply bark/mulch in the spring, you can help prevent weeds from growing in your landscape. How Is This Possible? In the winter the temperatures drop below germination temperatures. This allows the weed seeds to stay dormant from the previous season and by covering the weed seeds before they germinate, you help discourage their growth.

Adam - That Yard Guy
Landscape Maintenance Lawn Care and Landscaping